Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Ward Brothers

Oakland macks from New Orleans, now dead as fucking fried chicken.
Frank and Ted at the '71 Ali/Frazier fight.

Seen above (Frank Ward in blue and Ted Ward in red) in the player's ball scene in The Mack, which they partially financed.

Frank Ward was supposedly the black godfather of Oakland at the time and according to legend organized the first player's ball. The Mack, not the best movie in the world, was based on Frank's life. He provided security, money, and entry into the black underworld. But people weren't too happy that a film about a pimp, financed by real pimps, was being made in the neighborhood. The legend goes that on the first day of filming the Black Panthers littered the set with thrown bottles. Before the movie was done one of Frank's women in LA heard he had a price on his head. She rushed back to Oakland to tell him and they were both bumrushed and shot in the head. Rumor had it that Huey Newton and the Black Panthers ordered the hit, but that was never confirmed. Ted Ward hauled ass back to New Orleans and was never heard from again.

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